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11-16-2010, 09:14 PM
Rebuild? Refresh?
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Originally Posted by kr580 View Post
I had a similar problem getting a blade out of my 8K shaft. Would NOT budge no matter how hard I pulled. I eventually sawed off the blade and screwed it to the hosel to give myself some place for my feet. After heating I then pulled on the shaft while pushing away with my feet on the blade and it popped right out. Not sure if you're able to attach anything to the hosel but this worked for me anyway. I'd only recommend this if you don't mind tearing up the blade.

I actually saw this when I googled my problem. no drill. however I did just get a piece of rebar for $5 and had it cut so there was like 6"-12" of it hanging of the shaft. I used the floor as a hammer and heated up the shaft and banged down in short bursts. worked like a charm. thanks guys

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