Thread: Salary Cap: $64.3M Upper Limit for '11-'12
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11-17-2010, 09:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Fitzy Duke of NY View Post
Well, i'd like to hope so. But you cant promise that MZA will be here next season, or next week for that matter. Grachev is still at 4th line grinder level in the NHL, and Hagelin will very likely need a season of AHL. As a LWer, there is no way he would be right for Gaborik's wing right away.

Plus, this organization doesnt tend to freebie hand prospects NHL spots unless they have just lit up a year in the AHL like Dawes, Callahan, or Anisimov.

I'd like to think that the LD will be a rookie. But we may very well re-sign Eminger, I get a bit of a feeling if he keeps playing like he has been.

We will definately need a LW in free agency. Preferrably a good one, as I dont want to have to bump Avery to 2nd line role. I almost wonder if we could fit Semin with everyone else.




It's questionable as to how many true suitors there will be. Teams are running out of cap space like crazy. Young guys getting locked up earlier and earlier, and for longer term (Backes, Carter, Giroux, etc....and that's just the past 2 weeks).

Scanning the league quickly in my head, I can only see Toronto, Washington, Phoenix, L.A., Colorado, and the Islanders as the teams with the cap space to do it.

Toronto would likely make a go of it, they need offense, BADLY.

Washington may well re-sign Semin. Chances are he's seen what Kovalchuk went through this past off-season and he may learn that teams may not line up for him. Also, teams could be reluctant to sign a longer-term deal with the uncertainty of the CBA. Washington knows what he can be, he's best friends with the captain, and the Capital is a place where he has fit reasonably well. Does Washington want to risk letting him go, and the depth that he provides? Who else could they sign with his $6M? I can't think of ANY real options out there. (Should they go down in the playoffs this year, could they target a veteran Jerome Iginla? Just guessing.)

Phoenix would have the cap space, but there's no telling what their internal budget will be. Should Hulsizer (sp?) succeed in buying the team, come in, and want to make a splash, it could happen.

L.A. wants a star, and Semin CAN BE a star, when he wants to be. But do they want to go down that route again? They could learn from the Devils' mistake (so far, at least).

Colorado will have the space, and a top flight winger certainly would help their depth. But they seem committed to going with youth. Their attendance situation hasn't been the greatest, so the likelihood of them approaching the ceiling is low.

Lastly, the Islanders. They'd have to overpay like crazy, and their arena situation is still going to haunt them until its resolved. If Snow gets aggressive, Semin might become Yashin part II.

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