Thread: Salary Cap: $64.3M Upper Limit for '11-'12
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11-17-2010, 11:00 AM
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Callahan will get a 4 or 5 year deal with a 3.75 million cap hit, I'm thinking.
Anisimov will get a 2 year deal with a 2-2.5 million dollar cap hit.
Sauer will get a 2-3 year deal with a 1-1.5 cap hit.

I still think Dubinsky might be elsewhere next season, but if he isn't, then he'll be re-signed to a 3-4 year deal with a 4 million cap hit.

Originally Posted by PawelW007 View Post
First of all no need for the ******* sarcasm, New Jersey is falling apart and dressed literally 3 lines because of their bad contract, correct?
Ilya Kovalchuk was not signed for this season. Ilya Kovalchuk was signed to a 15 year contract. This season is a throwaway for the Devils, and quite frankly, if they didn't have the Rolston contract, they'd have absolutely no problem dressing a team. The Devils are a couple of seasons away from having to rebuild their team, and they'll be doing so around a foundation of Kovalchuk, Parise, Zajac, Tedenby, Volchenkov, and a few other decent young players. To pass judgement on the Ilya Kovalchuk signing after less than 2 months in a season where they weren't going to be particularly strong to begin with and they have a new ROOKIE coach is ridiculous.

Brad Richards will be 31 when he hits the FA market. We don't need another older player locked into a 5+ year deal. And he is making 7.8 million in Dallas, imagine the asking price!
Richards signed that contract in 2006 when he was not even in his prime yet. Someone is going to have to offer him 7.8 million. I don't see many strong teams that will be able to do so, and he's going to want to go to a good team. Will he come cheap? No, but there is nothing written in stone that says he will cost 8 million. With Rozsival and Drury's contracts coming off the books soon, signing a legit #1 center to a 6 or 7 million dollar cap hit is not nearly as absurd an idea as some people around here would lead you to believe.

It makes more sense to let Stepan/Dubinsky/Anisomov/ Prospal (if he gets back) to all get there shots with Gaborik. Who says none of those guys can;t step into that role, all are very talented, not Richards but still talented. Don't get me wrong I think Richards 60 plus assist last year is a super impressive feat and I do think he is a great player just not for the type of money or hole that we would place the franchise in!
This team's top two players are both smack dab in the middle of their primes, and we are at the crucial point of development. MOST of our top young prospects, at this point, are already here. That means we aren't "rebuilding" or whatever it is you want to call what this team has been doing anymore. It's time to look toward the next level. Moving forward with the belief that Stepan or Anisimov are ready to take on the most important position on a hockey team in today's NHL is not a smart path to go down. You must have a superb playmaker that can control play in the other team's zone to win in this league. What if Stepan or Anisimov are not the answer? Then what do you do?

Prospal is most definitely not the answer, and I don't see how people are still bringing up Dubinsky and center in the same sentence. He's SO much better suited for the wing.

Signing Richards does not place the team in a hole. It turns the team into a bonafide Stanley Cup contender for at least the next 4 years.

Also Gomez and Drury were both big names who were expected to be great.
By who? The worst of the worst NHL front office executives and casual fans that are as out of touch with the game as Glen Sather is?

They also were payed like big names. Gomez came in as an assist aficionado who was a "shoe in" to be Jagr's go to distributor. Chemistry never developed.
A shoe-in according to who? Glen Sather? Aside from Brian Gionta, name a player that Scott Gomez has developed chemistry with.

Drury was Captain Clutch and although he has contributed to the team on the PK, his statistics continue to decline.
Drury was Captain Clutch...what does his nickname mean and what bearing does that have on this conversation? Drury's statistical "decline" was predictable to any knowledgeable observer. It's exactly why he isn't or ever was a big name.

This is the problem. You are comparing an AVERAGE at best second line center and a third line center/PP specialist with one of the smarter playmakers in the league and a legitimate top line center (and a former Conn Smythe Trophy winner). The situations are completely different. For what it's worth, I was 100% against signing Gomez, Drury, Redden, Voros, Kotalik, and almost every free agent this team has signed since the lockout, not to mention so many before. That's because NONE of the free agents this team has signed in YEARS, other than Gaborik, is a legitimate superstar player. Richards is.

Big contracts for FA are a coin flip and I personally believe that Brad Richards/ or 95% of the league deserves that kind of money.
Again, what does this mean? Brad Richards is one of the best players in the league at his position and he fills the most important role in the league, a role that is glaringly empty on the New York Rangers.

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