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11-17-2010, 01:48 PM
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Originally Posted by PawelW007 View Post
Ok, if you want to be condescending instead of understanding both sides of the argument then I can do so as well!
You've yet to make anything that constitutes a series of arguments.

The Devils haven't missed the playoffs in 15 years.
That's exactly the point. How much longer do you think they were going to be able to make that last? They signed Ilya Kovalchuk because they understand what you apparently don't: over the course of the next 1-2-3 seasons, they're going to have to completely overhaul their team.

Coming into the season they has a goalie that was rated a top 5 goaltender, one of the most talented 1st lines on paper, and a strong bottom core of grit players, youre being silly! "Yea you know what screw this year we're playing for in 3-5 years" The devils didn't plan on this by any stretch of the imagination, proof will be when they fire John MacLean by Feb-March. They've struggled mostly because of injuries plus hampering contracts, not because they didn't attempt to put on a solid product on the ice.
Is their team, on paper and fully healthy, stronger than Philly? Pittsburgh? Washington? Boston? That would be no, no, no, no. At best, they were going to be a playoff team this year. Certainly not a legit contender.

Lets use logic here....If a player is signed to 7.8 million dollars and lives up to his contract will he ask for less or more when hitting the Free Agent Market?

answer that question, please do it
Again, who will be able to offer him such a deal?

There is probably only one significant contender in this league that has the cap space to do so: Los Angeles, and they'll certainly be one of the top suitors for his services. Even they, however, will probably be unwilling to offer up as monumental a contract as you think he'll get, because he's not nearly as big a necessity for them as he would be to another team, like us for example.

Do you think he's going to go to a crap team with a lot of cap space just to get the biggest payday? I don't.

Who is to say that Richards is a lock?
The evidence that is his NHL career?

You're willing to pay 8 million dollars a year to find out? I'm just not sold is all, not saying I wouldn't welcome Richards with open arms but I think if theres one thing we've learned from the last 15 years of this organization is that highly paid acquisitions don't play well in New York. And yet, we overpay and miss time after time. And then you get mad at fans like me for being gun-shy.
I get mad at fans "like you" for being unable to make the distinction between Brad Richards and Scott Gomez, Chris Drury and every free agent other than Gaborik that this team has signed. So you were against us signing Gaborik too, then, right?

Just looking back at some of the disgusting rosters the Rangers played with is an embarrassment in the late 90's to the pre-lockout.
And yet none of that has any bearing on signing Brad Richards.

I'm sorry if I don't want to watch my team get stripped and ***** because we have Four players making 30 million and 18 others making 800 k. If the Rangers go after Richards, they will have these players (regardless of 1 year left or etc.) making 5 mil plus Henrik Lundqvist, Michael Roszival, Marian Gaborik, Chris Drury, Wade Redden (still on the cap) and Brad Richards. With the responsibilities of resigning basically the core of our youth.
Except that Chris Drury and Michal Rozsival are nearing the end of their contracts, and Wade Redden will probably end up going to play in Europe, unless he really wants to remain in the AHL for the duration of his contract.

You would be paying 21 million for a superstar goalie, a superstar goalscoring winger, and a superstar playmaking center. That's a huge difference from the situation this team has been in.

Many experts lauded the signing of both Gomez and Drury.
First of all, who are these "experts" and why does their opinion mean anything. Secondly, I'm pretty sure that most "experts" panned the signings and chalked them up to the continuation of the Glen Sather tradition: overpaying complimentary players.

And it's comments like the following that bring me to the end of this discussion, because clearly there's no point in continuing.

Drury was coming off of 2 30 goal 30 assist seasons in a row and was signed at the age of 30. Very close to Brad Richards' age area. He was supposed to bring a new attitude, and oh what a class act. He stinks at hockey when it comes down to it.
For the record Gomez didn't play that bad as a ranger, especially statistically. He racked up the assists regardless of line/assignment. His issue was over confidence with the puck and really not fitting in with the scheme set in place. I think in Torts system he would have been more of a fit but regardless still didn't play up to the number on his contract which, say what you want, is what he is remembered for.
It has everything to do with what we are talking about. The signing of players who are supposed to bring things to the table and don;t deliver. He was marketed as the guy you can count on, who'll come through for your team, blah blah blah.

-Chris Drury represented our country in this sport twice in the last 8 years.

-Scored 30 goals and 30 assists in his previous 2 seasons with Buffalo.
The word superstar is used way too loosely here. Ovechkin is a superstar Crosby and Malkin are superstars. Stamkos is a superstar. not many others are, Brad Richards is not a superstar but he is the cream of the crop regarding next years FA market.
It's not surprising that you think Gomez played well as a Ranger, but Drury "stinks at hockey when it comes down to it."

Until you're able to make the distinction between franchise-level players and role players, or the difference between what is marketed and what is real, then there's no point in prolonging this.

Pavel Datsyuk
Henrik Sedin

not in that order, are all better then Brad Richards. It would be silly to pay 8 million dollars for the 6th best Center in the league.
Silly would be passing up the opportunity to solidify what is easily this team's biggest weakness, especially when such opportunities come around so infrequently. None of the six centers you mentioned have a winger the caliber of Marian Gaborik to play with. Having that option alone makes an acquisition of Richards that much more valuable.

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