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11-17-2010, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Well, you'll never see me encourage an open ice hit to the head or a hit from behind.
You want to hit someone on the boards as he's trying to go around you like Komi used to do, fine, no problem.
You want to pin someone on the boards and move the puck out, fine.
You want to do an open ice hit by checking the puck before the body, fine as they won't be as dangerous. The player will fall and get up.

I don't want to see anybody get injured.

Scott Stevens was the most vicious and dirty hitting of them all. I never liked him for that reason. He took pride in injuring people.
What else, Kaspiritis was a clean player?..
Bench clearing brawls happened too...what's your point?..

The purpose of checking in hockey is to take the puck away. There's always been players trying to destroy an enemy coming into the zone though...I don't see your point there.

Playing pro hockey should entail risks such as ankle, wrist, knee, etc injuries. Accidental injuries do happen as well, there is a risk.
Purposely skating as fast as you can to go hit someone in the corner from his blindside isn't supposed to be a risk.

Well, I'm talking to you now. Not some NHL player.

I guess we have a different opinion in entertainment. I don't get entertained from seeing someone's head hit the board, helmet fly off and head bounce on the ice.

Were you not entertained in the Vancouver game??...Did you see any cheap shot there??..
yes yes, i just can't help feeling entertained by it the same way a good violent movie is entertaining or a good UFC fight. Im big enough fan to appreciate the technical side of the game though what makes this sport better then any other to watch, is the dirt: brawls, fights, big hits etc. If you want to minimize injuries, might as well get rid of contact altogether, would be the most logical path to take.

also, i don't agree that hit on halpern was a cheap shot, though i can't go into that much detail, my hockey knowledge isnt that vast, i just think he could of prepared for the hit better; he seemed to be in the worst position to be taking a hit.

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