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11-17-2010, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by kyne View Post
Not that simple. The government has limited funds and has to determine who is most deserving. Why is Quebec City entitled to this as opposed to, let's say, Edmonton or Calgary? You could say both Alberta cities have a compelling case.

Alberta has been a "have" province for some time and contributes to the pool of money distributed by the Federal government to the so-called "have not " provinces which include Quebec. You could say Alberta taxpayers have paying for you for years since they top up the Quebec provincial budget every year and have been doing so for decades. A part of your income tax refund (presuming you got one) was paid for by Alberta taxpayers. Using your argument, shouldn't they deserve public funding for new stadium for the Flames or Oilers - teams that already exist?
Let me start by saying that Quebec city is a very strong city for Canada economically. And so are Edmonton and Calgary. Quebec GDT grew 21% since 2000. They have 5% unemployment rate and the real estate projects are booming.

Why are they "more deserving" then Calgary and Edmonton in term of hockey Arena ? Simply because contrarily to those 2 cities, we're dealing with an old arena, built in the late 40'. We need it a lot more than they do and that's a fact! Their arenas are getting old but they can still be used many more years.

The Saddledome was built in 1983.

The Rexal place in 1972.

Colisť Pepsi was opened in 1949 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, I would like to remind something to you. It's true that the economical growth of Alberta is impressive. They do pay a lot more taxes then the Q and have been for about 20 years now. But let's not forget that the people of Quebec and Ontario paid for more than 100 years for their roads and infrastructure. If you do back to what Calgary was in the 70', it really, REALLY wasn't the place where the government got his money from. So as a country, let's not forget our history and try to give credit where credit is due.

Also, it's not only an arena for hockey. It's a multifunctional complex that will be used to host concert, expositions, sport events, hockey and possibly Olympics. So it's not only about giving an arena to a city that has the best chance to get a hockey team or already has one.

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