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1976 Canada Cup

The 1972 series took years to salvage because the footage came from different sources and in both languages. One of the problems was that the only surviving tape of one half of game 1 was in French & one half of game 4 was only in french. That almost killed the whole DVD project as they couldn't mix the 2 languages or even take out the sound for the french parts. I'm sure you would agree that such a DVD set would not look professional.

Fortunately, there was a fellow I knew in Alberta who could help. In 1972, he was out of the country and asked a friend of his to make an audio dub of the games. There were no vcrs then. His friend took the microphone from an audiocassette recorder, put it near the speaker of the television and recorded Foster Hewitt's play by play.
That find was incredibly fortunate. But the speed of that audio recording was different from the video. So, in order to make it work, they recorded the audio on top of the video at 10 second intervals. After 10 seconds, they audio & video did not match. They used that method to complete the process. When you watch the video, you will see 'Edited for television' - Now you know why and how.

Would you buy a DVD set of the great 1976 Canada Cup series if the video was not of broadcast quality? That is the question that the producers are left with.

No english television network kept their own production tapes of the series.

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