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11-17-2010, 07:47 PM
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Have you heard anything about what the new name might be? I heard that they might go with, "Braves".
I personally dont see how, "Sioux" is racist or, "hostile and abusive". I could see changing it if the Sioux nation doesnt want you to use it but it seems like this is more the NCAA talking than it is anyone else.
Id definetly agree with RabidBadger in that, "Redskins" is racist but I dont think Sioux is bad.
I can definetly understand the outrage and frustration for those who went to school at NoDak and are fans of Sioux hockey. I can imagine how upset Id be if UW got rid of of Bucky Badger and the Badger name.
Its a shame that the Standing Rock Sioux tribe didnt give permission to use the name and then everyone could have been happy with this situation.

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