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Just comparing raw totals and points per game averages throughout seasons is a very inexact science because scoring levels changed drastically throughout the seasons. For example, In a 5.0 GPG environment, Lalonde could double Malone's output and Malone could do the same to Lalonde in an 8.0 GPG environment 3 years later and although both are relatively impressive, Malone would look better. You actually see this happen to some degree when he outscores Lalonde 85-50 during the two highest-scoring WW1 years.

Of course, this also ignores a lot of seasons in which Lalonde was playing and productive, such as his western years, his OPHL seasons, and his time in the IHL.

The last time I looked, Lalonde scored more goals, assists, and points, and though it was in significantly more games, he also had better per-game averages. But I'll check again. I'll use the SIHR database as it is continually updated with reconstructed assists:


MHL Pro: 1-0-0-0
FAHL: 2-1-0-1
IHL: 18-29-4-33
NHA: 108-163-28-191
NHL: 99-124-42-166
OPHL: 20-61-0-61
PCHA: 15-27-0-27
SOHA: 7-8-0-8
W(C)HL: 75-48-20-68
X-Games: 5-13-0-10 (normally I would not include these but I've learned they were highly competitive with the Patricks trying to prove their league was a solid product)


ECHA: 12-8-3-11
CHA: 3-5-0-5
OPHL: 12-10-0-10
NHA: 125-179-38-209
NHL: 126-143-32-175
X-Games: 2-0-0-0

Lalonde's career totals:

350-474-94-568 (1.35-0.31*-1.62)

*APG includes only seasons of leagues where assists are recorded, PPG excludes nothing)

Including only leagues that had a realistic chance of competing for the Stanley Cup:

297-362-90-452 (1.22-0.32*-1.52)

Malone's career totals:

280-345-73-418 (1.23-0.28*-1.49)

Including only leagues that had a realistic chance of competing for the Stanley Cup:

266-335-73-408 (1.26-0.28*-1.53)

Lalonde just did more for longer.

And one thing I can't get over: Malone had 1 goal in 30 games past his 32nd birthday. Lalonde had 126 goals in 143 games past age 32, with 45 assists to boot.

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