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05-27-2005, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Big Phil
He [Gillies] was just on a bunch of Cup winning teams...
You have got to be kidding with that comment.

Yep, ol' Jethro was just riding the coattails all those years, a bit contributor.

One can make a fairly solid case why Gillies doesn't belong in the HOF; I personally don't feel strongly one way or another (more in a second).

However, bringing up his offensive stats and suggesting that he was just another player on that team or leaguewide, for that matter, is about as weak a case as one can present.

As for condeming his election: The HOF is a building with four walls that celebrates hockey's many top players, of varying levels of greatness, nothing more. The reverence in which some treat it is overblown, IMO. No one is going to confuse Clark Gillies with Gordie Howe. And, again, a case can be made that his selection was a reach; clearly he is borderline. (And Butch Goring doesn't deserve to be anywhere near the HOF; what next, Rod Brind'amour?)

But to belittle Gillies' impact on the game in his time - by simply relying on numbers - and on one of the greatest teams in the history of the sport, is terribly short-sighted.

Just my opinion.

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