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Originally Posted by nik jr View Post
any documentation of a general opinion of the time that lalonde was better than malone?

it seems to me that he was, but i don't really know, and i have not been able to find much about malone in old newspapers, probably partially b/c he played for quebec.
This is from The Trail, Vol. 1:

Newsy Lalonde was the greatest and most colorful hockey player of the era covered by this record....His ability as a hockey and lacrosse player is legendary. More has been written about this athlete, both in praise and abuse, than possibly any other. his followers turned out to cheer him and others bought their way in to scream "Get Lalonde!" Great hockey stars shone in Newsy's era but they never could move the limelight for long from the original flying frenchman.

A great fighter with a fiery temper, he went after opponents, spectators and even teammates on occasion. All the bad men of his time carried marks of their tangles with Newsy... A born leader, he was almost always the captain or playing manager of his team. There were no desultory performances without incurring the whiplash of his tongue.

In 1911 he rejoined the Canadiens... He was fairly active in his fistic and stick battles this year and the roars of "Get lalonde!" reached a crescendo. In 1919 they won the championship of the NHL. They went west to defend the cup against Seattle and in this series Newsy was sensational and won the acclaim of his west coast critics. It was practically Lalonde against Seattle in the second game when he scored all (4 of) the Canadien goals.

He scored more goals than any other player of this era. He was frequently referred to both in the east and the west as the greatest player in the game....The most colourful player hockey has ever seen.

He led the WCHL in scoring at the age of 36, his fifth time as a leading scorer.... A cutup to the last, they never got Lalonde.

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