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11-18-2010, 04:53 AM
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Weak Side/Weak Skating Leg

I recently got back into hockey about 6 months ago.
I played from the age of about 6-13.

When i played while i was younger i always had an issue with my right foot being significantly weaker then my left.

IE) Making sharp turns to the right side, crossing over towards the right side, basically anything that involves my right foot being the inside foot, i have issues with, my issue is my inside edge on my right foot.

Even when i stop with my left skate, my right foot inside edge just drags along with it.
I feel very uncomfortable on this side, i have tried to force myself on this side and it has gotten slightly better however still not near where i want it to be. My left side is great, i can cut to left quickly and effectively, and when i cut to the left putting weight on the outside edge of my right foot it feels sturdy.

My question is, are there any exercises i can do to improve my weak side, i understand everyone has a weak side, however mine is significantly worse.


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