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Originally Posted by barrytrotzsneck View Post
I do think that there's some urgency to get this done before the end of the season, contrary to what some believe. While we will likely have to open the purse strings more than ever before to re-sign him, it's not an unlimited budget. If July 1st rolls around, and Vancouver or Toronto or whomever drops a 10 million dollar per year offer sheet on him, we realistically cannot and will not match. While we can take the satisfaction that he's getting paid 3 million a year too much, we're still left with no Shea Weber in that situation -- and I don't think any amount of first round picks makes up for that (especially if you consider our first round success has been spotty, through our history).

As for the "who do you keep, Suter or Weber," it's easy to jump and say Suter given Weber\the team's struggle's while he was recently out...but remember that Suter struggled when Weber was injured in the first game of that season, as well. For whatever reason, they're the most dominant pairing in the league when together, but separated, they become starkly human.
I agree, as to them being "busy", it's not stomping guys like Girioux, Carter, and Backes from signing their recent extensions.

I would say Suter/Weber are one of the best, but not THE most dominant pairing in hockey.

Watching Pronger last playoffs, that's dominance, and he doesn't even necessarily have to paired with Kimmo. Same goes for Lidstrom.

Other pairings that would give cetainly be in the conversation are Cambell/Seabrook, Doughty/Mitchell, and even Erhoff/Elder.

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