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Originally Posted by CarrePrisme View Post
21% GDP growth spanning over the last decade is not that spectacular. It averages to about two pecercent a year, which is moderate considering the economic growth of 2002 to 2008. The 5% unemployment rate reveals a shortage of workers, not a booming economy. Few immigrants are interested in coming to Quebec City. The businesses and ministries are having huge recruitment problems already. I've been around and trust me, a lot of people are already pulling their hair and the bulk of the baby boomer generation hasn't retired yet. According to La Presse Affaires, Quebec city absorbs all of the graduate from eastern Quebec's colleges and Uni's and it's not nearly enough. The city still has a demographic deficit vs Mtl. That gap is narrowing down, but still, the problem remains. There is a nuance between not having enough workers and having a booming economy.

As for real estate need to realize that with close to non-existent interest rates, real estate projects are popping up all over the place, not just in Quebec city.

Your argument is flawed. I don't think I need to explain you why this is a strawman.

People say this because they know there's no insurance a franchise will come here. But let's be honest, it's primarly for hockey. Concerts aren't going to magically fill up the calendar because there's a new complex in town. This is another myth. Olympics only 12 years from now are a fantasy.

First, I never said 21% was impressive. It's 2,3% a year and it's a fair growth considering it includes 2008 and 2009. I simply shows the city got richer. With inflation around 1%, the buying leverage of the population grew as well. It's a good indicator for the professionnal sport industry. Also, I never said the economy was booming. A boom would be the 90' in Calgary or the 80' in Japan. The situation is far from perfect and you are right saying we're short on work forces. But still, 5% unemployment rate still means that people living there are at work and get paid each week. Another good indicator for the profession sport industry.

Also if you want to compare Montreal vs Quebec city in economical terms, which by the way, as nothing to do with this argument since Montreal as nothing to do with the possibly or not of having a new arena and a hockey franchise in Quebec city, the GDP growth of Montreal since 2000 is 19,1%. Montréal population grew less than 10% since 2001. Quebec city grew about 7%. While it's less, it's still growing. I don't even know why we compare anyways; it really has nothing to do with anything about this topic.

Now, you're saying my argument is flawed. I consider my point a concept I feel we should respect more then an argument. But you can see it the way you want.

As for the multi functional complex concept, it is not a myth. It is based on facts. Winnipeg built his arena following the same concept and, though then don’t have a hockey team yet, they host an incredible number of concert and shows each year and the only reason is the Arena. I know a lot of people in the entertainment business in Québec city and they are all saying they lose many opportunities each year because nobody wants to perform in the old Colisé anymore. Again, not a myth

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