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11-18-2010, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by CarrePrisme View Post
The large majority of Quebec City's economy is already paid by taxpayers across the province of Quebec. Don't believe that myth that Quebec City has a growing private sector, as I explained at the end of this thread:

I think the fact that Quebec City's is already such a huge drain on tax payers money is what bothers people when they ask for an additional half a billion dollar for a brand new arena.
Yep, Quebec city is a government town, and government workers don't get fired (or even pay cuts!) even in bad recessions, unlike real workers. Let all the useless government workers with big fat paychecks to do useless work (OLF, Revenue Quebec duplicating the CRA, SAQ, etc.) who we already pay so much to for so little build their own arena in their own little pet city. Obviously they are doing quite well thanks to the taxpayers of Montreal and Alberta.

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