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11-18-2010, 10:30 AM
Ed finally concedes!
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Ah, I'm almost 30 dude. Have a pretty clear perception on the entire tenure of Clarke's campaign in the 90s. (Especially given that you referenced Hitchcock and Barber, who were the coaches when I was in college and after college... and had season tickets.)

However, once again you made a completely baseless and BS claim -- accusing me of a double standard which you cannot prove -- and rather than man up and own it, you lash out.

You accuse me of never being wrong? Look in the mirror dude. I don't wander around making claims about other folks opinions that are completely baseless and full of ****. And rather than actually own up to that, you start bragging about your gray pubes.

So congrats on being older. What you said was still ignorant, and being old don't change that.
Sorry dude..but it's not a baseless claim. You made the reference when we were discussing Sharp, Williams etc that when you are trying to win you have to play your veterans and "it's the way it goes." This claim is not limited to the offense but the D and that's exactly what happened under Clarke's tenure but you never mention him to be a dick just that everybody's else's criticism of Clarke is "flawed" when you haven't experienced his full tenure as some of us have. So congrats on trying to weasel yourself out of another argument through your typical selective and circular reasoning.

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