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Originally Posted by Markovskaya View Post
Is this Sarcasm ? I think you need to put at the end.

If not, then damn, I think you should get your facts straight. As I'm the first to ask for a reduction of the government spending, including the number of government imployees, Québec city's economy is not only based on government employees. The provincial government is the largest employer in the city, employing 27,900 people as of 2007 there is 800,000 living in the metropolitan region of Quebec city. Make that 60% of active population 480,000. That less the 6% of the total work force. What's your damn point ?
You're deliberatly leaving out the thousands of DIRECT jobs related to the government jobs. I made that clear in the comment that I linked that a lot of government jobs have been replace by private firms but they remain on the govt payroll!!!

You're also forgetting that if you don't count the government jobs in one entity, the largest employer in the city is still the University of Laval and hospitals follow closely. Those are not accounted as civil servants job, but remain government jobs.

The large majority of the private sector is small businesses servicing all those government employees. Indirect jobs, basically.

There isn't that many large corporations in this city. A few insurance HQ's and a couple of biological businesses. Small branches of the video games industry and that's about it. Except for Desjardins in Levis, which is pretty big, Industrielle Alliance and maybe La Capitale, there aren't any other players.

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