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11-18-2010, 11:37 AM
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If you are going to be playing in a recreational/beer league and are not the strongest skater on the team, the captain may put you on as a wing. Generally (but not always), the stronger skaters are put onto defense and the skaters that are not as skilled may play foward (paired with a good center). A fair amount of beer league players that I have met do not like to play defense as much as forward. Perhaps it's based on their skating skills or perhaps they want the glory of putting the biscuit in the basket (doesn't mean that playing d you cannot score, but the forwards technically should have a better chance at it). If you join a team and want to play a particular position, then I would make sure you voice that before the season starts. However, don't be bummed if they assign you to defense every now and then.

However, I do agree with Jarick; a player should try out all positions to become a well rounded player. The whole idea is to have fun and to learn. And like Jarick said, no reason to specialize unless it's at a high level.

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