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11-18-2010, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Markovskaya View Post
Is this Sarcasm ? I think you need to put at the end.

If not, then damn, I think you should get your facts straight. As I'm the first to ask for a reduction of the government spending, including the number of government imployees, Québec city's economy is not only based on government employees. The provincial government is the largest employer in the city, employing 27,900 people as of 2007 there is 800,000 living in the metropolitan region of Quebec city. Make that 60% of active population 480,000. That less the 6% of the total work force. What's your damn point ?

According to this, Qcity has 15,301 FEDERAL jobs. I can't find good stats for the rest, but add in direct provincial civil service jobs, crown corporation jobs, public transit jobs, and far more than 6% of the workforce is employed by the provincial and federal taxpayer.

Like the Carreprisme says, all this government employment are very high paying jobs and a huge boon to all kinds of other industries as well (service, construction, manufacturing, etc.), where these government paycheques are being spent.

Anyways like you say if Qcity is so rich, they can build their arena with private or at most municipal money like every other city in north america does. Karl Pelideau/Quebecor is a 10 billion $ a year operation that wants to own the team and create content for their media empire, it can afford it. So can all the rich workers of low unemployment Qcity who want to buy 200$ tickets to see a NHL team.

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