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11-18-2010, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by lightning_legwand View Post
I was watching the leafs/preds game last night and before they game they talked a bit about the predators. They had most of the focus on our superstar defenseman Shea Weber.

There was 4 analysts and not a single one of them said they thought Weber would re-sign in Nashville, due to our self employed cap and it would be a huge nuissance to the payroll and cripple things even more.

They all said that Poile's best bet would be to trade him for something just astronomically phenomenal or just wait until he hits RFA and other teams will without a doubt treat Weber like a UFA and will not mind paying out the 5 first round picks it would take to sign him away from us.

All of the analysts said they figure we go into the future after this season with Suter as the main guy and a crap load of first round draft picks most likely.

Tell me that this is BS?? I am very much to hoping that Weber signs long-term here and we can afford him! He is the face of this franchise and especially when we just named him captain!

I remember Poile saying in the Tennessean that when the Preds played the leafs it woudl be a good opportunity to speak with Shea's agent who lives in Toronto about a deal. Any word?? on Anything??
FYI, the max compensation is only 4 first round picks, not 5. This year, the cut-off was $7.7M and it usually goes up every year. So he'd likely have to get offered over $8M to get the max compensation. If it's under that then the compensation is only 2 1sts, a 2nd, and a 3rd.

Did you actually do the math regarding keeping both Weber and Suter? It's easily possible for us to keep both while maintaining a decent squad.

Originally Posted by Toblerone View Post
I always hear Pred fans bring this point up in regards to Weber. He only signed 3 years knowing full well that he would be restricted at the end of the contract, thus meaning he wants to stay and re-sign. That could definitely be true, but if that scenario is true for Weber, are any Pred fans worried the opposite could be true for Suter? I'm sure Suter knew exactly what he was doing with signing a 4 year contract...I'm not saying he will be difficult to re-sign (as I really have no idea), but if one scenario is true for Weber, why not the other for Suter?
This is true and no one is denying it. Of the two, Suter's situation is more worrisome. I think it means we are even more likely to sign Weber. Imagine if we decide to let Weber go, but then Suter decides he wants to test free agency? There is no way we let Weber walk unless Suter is re-upped. Suter seems very likely to sign here though. His whole personality just fits Nashville.

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