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11-18-2010, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
Seriously what part about me calling you out on having a double standard with respect to Holmgren vs Clarke are you not getting?
1) The part where you have ZERO evidence to support that claim, and have yet to provide it.

2) The part where how you did attempt to provide evidence supporting that claim merely proved that your critical reasoning was lacking for someone your age.

Clarke was just as wrong in the manner in which he handled the development of d players and young players in general as the way Homgren is dealing with Bartulis or allowing Lavy to relegate to the press box.
Great. Provide examples. NONE of the examples you have provided have proven to accurately reflect that belief. However, even then, that does not imply a double standard. A "double standard" would be me stating that it was fine when Clarke put a young developing player in a position where they could not play hockey games.

Again, that you cannot understand that is on you, not me. Sorry.

This is what I'm trying to point out b/c you ripped into Holmgren in one of your posts which I didn't necessarily disagree with. It just irks me that you continue to blow off what Clarke did and didn't do and then stick it to Holmgren for doing similar things but actually not as bad as far as player development. Clarke got canned back in his first tenure Jr Snider for allowing the team to age and atrophy..was this because he was good according to you? Then he basically was canned the last time although he said he quit and Snider Sr said we were going to develop our team properly with youth etc until Holmgren went off that promise a bit with the Pronger trade but now is being covered with the likes of Giroux, Leino and Bob.
Listen, man, you need to back up the crap you state with some kind of empirical proof. Because you say it is so, doesn't make it so. Clarke getting canned, the tenure of Jr, etc. has absolutely NOTHING to do with what you are claiming was a double standard on my part. NOTHING.

All you're doing is dissembling over the fact that you stating I was holding Holmgren to a double standard is simply... not true. Because you have no evidence of the fact that I wouldn't criticize Clarke for doing the same *ing thing.

Finally, your comments on Giroux still show you want to be right in the end. I mean c'mon when will you give this guy any benefit of your many doubts?
The season ain't 20 games old, man. Have you not looked at the league scoring leaders? That **** is going to change. Nowhere have I ever said I don't expect Giroux to have a very good season, but the dude ain't scoring 40+ goals.

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