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11-18-2010, 02:49 PM
OG Kuch
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We have an awful D.

Clark- B minus.

I'm almost inclined to say C plus, but he is well rounded and has been pretty solid this season.

Lundin- C plus

He's got good feet and good composure, but he hasn't done as well so far this year as I would have thought. He does have room for improvement though, and if he would get better in the physical aspect of the game he'd be a b.


I'm being generous here. He shows spurts of brilliance once in a blue moon and carries the puck well, but his physical game is nonexistent and faster players have blown right by him plenty of times. He really needs to work on those things, or he won't amount to as much as anyone hoped.

Ohlund- C minus

He is playing better than last year, but he has certainly lost a step. I like how he isn't fancy and he knows his job.

Kubina- C minus

Pavel is hugely overpaid and overrated as well. He isn't physical enough for a big guy, and he is slow. However, he does bring a hard shot, and some of his "desperation" plays have surprised me.

Jones- D minus

This guy is beyond useless. His defensive game is awful, and he doesn't bring enough to the table offensively to justify the minutes he gets. I've seen him in Philly and LA, and nobody shed a tear when he left them. I like his effort, but there is no area in the game that he is above average in.

Smaby- Not enough time

I really like the way he plays. He, like Ohlund, realizes he isn't the fastest guy out there, so he always takes the body. That's a quality the team needs a lot more of, but Smaby doesn't get enough ice time for me to give a fair grade.

Overall, I'd say we have one of the worst D corps in the NHL, if not the worst. I see some high grades in above posts, but if you watched any other team D's on a consistent basis I think you'd reconsider. I even felt I was being lenient with most of them.

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