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10-06-2003, 04:34 PM
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Originally Posted by windowlicker
HEy, thats like saying Comrie, Gaborik and Havlat should just quit their hold outs and sign because of what happened to Snyder???

THis is not about Hockey, THis is about Life. this has Nothing to do with any CBA talks or holdouts or the fact owners and the players dont agree on a luxury tax or entry contracts. DONT EVEN pretend to talk about that right now and right here.

This is about a young life that was cut short.

in the end, hockey is just a sport.

Originally Posted by MrMackey
Holly crap... talk about the wrong time and place to bring up the CBA. That's terrible.

Thoughts and prayers to the Snyder family.

Well said, and good god, do I ever agree

Originally Posted by hackey
No one cares if you live in a fish bowl man. To these guys and everyone else involved in hockey at the professional level, Hockey is thier damn life. Let me repeat - this is their damn life. Anything and everything that happens this year, as unimportant as your little post here to a death of one of thier own is fuc*en life. They live and breath it everyday.
If the CBA does not get done, it is affecting thier livelihood. This is what they do in life. Thier life profession. So get a grip if you think this death of a young man doesn't tie into the bigger picture.
WTF are you talking about though? No offense, but hockey as big as a profession and passion it is to ANY is just that - a profession and a passion.

Life has many things to offer before hockey, Love, Friends, Family, Religion, and many other things including LIFE ITSELF which is exactly what was taken from Danny Snyder, I seriously doubt looking in from the afterlife he's hoping this brings order in the CBA. And I also seriously doubt that when Comrie heard the news he said "Oh, I better sign" I hope he did exactly what I did which was prove for Snyders soul.

Hockey is not "Their Damn Life", it is simply a facet of it, I'm sure there are some people in the league who have lost their passion, for ****s sake look at Alexandre Daigle. If you heard about this tragedy and thought of the CBA, I'll pray for your soul tonight as well.

Now, I agree with everyone, Dany was a good man who had shortcomings, and also (it would seem) moments of absolute idiocy. Yah, I've been a passenger to my brother going 135 km/h down the high way, and I told him to slow his *** down, but doing it in a residential area, in a suburb? that is stupid, and he knew the concequences of his actions when he did it.

Obviously, he didnt expect Dan Snyder to die, but Dan did die. Its a reality that he has to face for the rest of his life. He took from the world, as Bettman said, "A loving brother, and son, a dedicated teammate, and a great individual" Snyder worked for everything he got in the NHL, and people can say Dany Heatley is a great hockey player - AND HE IS - but if Snyder was in the NHL he sure as hell was too.

I send prayers to Dany Heatley, and hope he can overcome this tragic time.

I Send my prayers, my love, and my condolences to Dan Snyder, his friends and his family, and all who knew him personally. I send my hope for Dan to have a peaceful and enjoyable afterlife.

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