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Originally Posted by Nidema View Post
Um, Conklin didn't play last game. Halak had the full 60 minutes against the Wings. You are talking about the 7-3 Wings game right?

I don't think Blues and Wings played another game yet.

EDIT: Yea just double checked the box score. Halak did play the full 60.

Were you refering to another game?
He must be talking about the Colombus game, that's the only one I could think of that made sense.

But yes, Halak HAS been playing pretty bad lately, regardless of how his team played in front. Just against the Wings, obviously there was the first goal but that's a fluke that shouldn't happen again for a long time so let's ignore it. But Cleary's first goal was a shot, not tipped, with nobody in front from the board near the blue line. That's a goal that just shouldn't go in. Zetterberg's goal, while the defense was pretty bad in just letting him go in front, is another goal that you would expect a solid goaler to stop since again it was a shot with no one in front (that was actually the problem!) and it was not like a perfect top net shot hitting the inside of the post, it was a shot on the shortside that good positioning should take care of.

And it's not like these 3 goals were the # 5-6-7 and it didn't matter so much anymore. They were all goals that had a significant impact on the momentum of the game.

For the others I won't really criticize him cause blasts from the point with people in front, tipped or not, are just basically random goals. The goaler can't do anything else than take a position and hope it hit him, and then it's a % chance, sometimes you're lucky sometimes you're not, nothing to blame the goaler on.

So ya, he has been pretty weak in the last few games. He seems actually to have the same problem that people criticized Price about : one bad/fluke goal goes in (was it against Colombus that one of the early goals was like a shot from the board that hit his skate and went in when it had no business to?) and then he just seems off his game for the rest of the match.

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