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11-18-2010, 05:18 PM
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Originally Posted by jdmef8vtec View Post
dont disagree but when he said play the game and let me worry about the rules and then have his partner back him pissed me right off cause those 2 guys are clowns always ruining our games, anyways i printed the whole offside rule sheet and put it in my hockey bag to hopefully show him next game.
Ya, but fact is its beer league. Ya, I poke fun and heckle our refs at times but I dont ever cross the line and yell at them in their face and curse them out.

You gotta realize bad calls will the NHL, those are basically the best refs in the world and make bad calls all the time. Being a beer league ref BLOWS, Id never do it. You get yelled at constantly and ppl always give you ****, so anytime someone is hostile, the refs dont care cause its all the same thing to them. Refs pretty much never take their call back, so the whole yelling/pleading thing isnt helpful.

Try and maybe be friendly with the refs it will get you farther in the long run, especially cause you see the same refs constantly so they may even develop a friendly bias for YOU! =)

Just a little advice to help further avoid the situation

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