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11-18-2010, 05:55 PM
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a couple short answers - sv% has been reconstructed from actual game sheets by Sebastien Tremblay in his book "goaltenders - the expansion years". I posted that info in threads in this section. that covers 1968-1979. The 1980-1983 seasons have been reconstructed by the HSP. 1954-1968 were put together by Edward Yuen of my hometown, Regina, using newspapers, and used by The Hockey Compendium in their 2001 book. (he did some years in the 70s, too, but those have been rendered obsolte by more reliable stats now)

as for early GP and assists, these have been put back together by painstaking research. It's not just the NHL's inagural season, it's the whole history of the NHA, and even the EC(A)HA before it! Assists are given out by reading newspaper reports about the game. the statements, I imagine, would have to be descriptive enough to come to the conclusion that an assist was deserved. No doubt a lot of assists are lost to the sands of time forever. But the ones for which proof exists, should be remembered statistically.

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