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11-18-2010, 08:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
I've seen every Blues game (and Habs game, and Oilers game, and likely a few others... god love, and yeah, I realize that. You say Halak has looked ordinary, and I can agree with ordinary - he has looked that way for a couple of games behind the remaining young and inexperienced d-corps. Kriss E says Halak has actually looked quite poor. I think his stats in some games have looked poor, but I don't think he has, necessarily. I mean, Conklin, a career 0.911 as one of the better backups around, was brought in to relieve Halak last game and the Red Wings made him look just as "awful".
Yes, I said Halak has played rather poorly and I was referring to his recent stretch. I really don't see why you want to argue that he's been ordinary rather than poor during that stretch.
You don't have to defend Halak every time buddy. He's been having a tough time and it's normal when you have so many key injuries on your team. But he also hasn't been playing as well as he did for us when we went through injuries. I don't care how stats can often be misleading, allowing 17 goals in his last 3 regulation time losses is bad. His own goal translate well his recent cold streak.

And what I meant by inconsistent is that he often had a weaker showing after 4-5 good ones. It certainly isn't horrible, but it's still considered inconsistent. No matter how you want to spin it, he also was an unproven #1 keeper in the league. Neither Price nor Halak were #1 goalies in the league prior to this season.

Anyways, I don't want to have a debate about Halak again. I had a chance to speak with a Scout for the Dallas Stars at the end of the summer and he pretty much confirmed what I just said, that he's still seen as inconsistent and unproven throughout the league.
PS: He also told me we could have had more for Halak had we waited until the season started. But, he's also aware that it meant re-signing both keepers, and that it might not have been something either goalie agreed with. He also acknowledged that it would have made things even harder to manage considering we had to re-sign Plek + fillers.

I'm sure things will get better for Halak. I have little doubt that he will become a good #1 goalie in this league.

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