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11-18-2010, 09:17 PM
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Went to my first away game last night...

Hello all,

I have been reading these boards for a long time, something that I do pretty much every day, reading the GDTs, and to find out the new information regarding the team. I had been debating making an account to post for a long time now, but I finally decided that it was time.

Ok, now that I got that out of the way...

So as the title says, yes, I went to my first away game last night vs the Rangers. I am going to school in New York, so it is somewhat convenient to hop on the Metro North Train and head right into the city. I saw that a lot of people were asking about MSG and what it is like, so I thought that I would share my live viewing experience with you all.

This was my second time this year to go to a game at MSG. The first one that I went to (which was my first time seeing an NHL game not at TD) was Devils vs. Rangers back in October (I believe it was the 24th). This is the first thing that I will say: The atmosphere for the Rangers - Devils game was at least 5 times more energetic than the Bruins - Rangers game last night. Yes, I realize that they are cross town rivals, but considering that it was "Heritage Night" for the Rangers, and all the hype revolving around the "Original Six Matchup," the place was pretty dead.

Even after the first ten minutes, which may have just been the most boring ten minutes of hockey I have ever witnessed, those Rangers fans just could not get into the game. Multiple "Lets Go Rangers" chants were started, which lasted for maybe about seven seconds, nothing compared to Boston's "Lets Go Bruins" chants which are always strong. I even had to mention to a few of my buddies that I went with saying that it was silent in here, and how weird and unexpected it was to hear an NHL game that quiet, regardless of the action.

I also read some people asking about MSG as a venue itself, so here is what I got out of going there:

1. Yes, the place is pretty much a dump.

2. Awful viewing angles. If you are not in either the 100s or the 200s, it seems like you are a mile away from the ice.

3. It smells funny.

4. Yes, the lighting is horrible, it is not your $3,000 HDTVs malfunctioning.

5. Yes, I think the best thing about being at one of those games (other than seeing the Bruins) is just to be able to say that you went to Madison Square Garden.

Other than that, I was glad to see so many Bruins fans there, including a few in my section in the 400 level. There were even a few "Lets Go Bruins" chants that were started, but immediately were shut down by the "A-HOLE" chant. Typical New York. It was quite a unique experience, especially being able to stand up and go nuts when the Bruins scored, or when Timmy made a save while everyone around you is just sitting silently because the Rangers just lost their one goal lead in about six minutes, especially after Seguin went bar down to take the lead, which was nuts by the way.

Well, sorry if this was a bit long, and I know some people may skip over it, but I just thought that I would share this with some of the community, especially being my first post. Thanks Everyone.

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