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Originally Posted by Lososaurus View Post
When it comes to defense: Unless you're on a really good and structured team and/or playing a really bad team, you'll never get to shoot. Your forwards will never backcheck. Your forwards will be in one of three positions when your team is trying to break out.; 1. Below your goal line 2. Already at the other team's blueline 3. Skating with an opposing player directly between the two of you. Regardless of where they are, they'll think you can make the picture perfect pass. Prepare to face plenty of 2-1's as well.

Thus is the life of the defenseman.

I'm bitter, so what.
this post is pure gold

i am totally amazed if i ever receive a pass at the point because 99/100 times, i am totally wide open yelling POINT POINT POINT.

dunno how many hundreds of times i have said this: wingers come down to the hash-marks to support the breakout !!!

forwards always expect us D-men to hit them with a lazerbeam pass from inside our own zone to them at the far blueline as if our name was Lidstrom, Green or Doughty.

sorry for the OT... i can see this thread spirally downwards to be renamed as "Rantings of Disgruntled Beer-League D-men"

as to the original post, start at wing and move around the different positions. what your "natural" position should be is determined by your skill-set and mind-set (offensive-minded, defensive-minded)

i started at D cuz i could skate fairly well and so was able to chase down forwards. i also started at D cuz i had no stickhandling or shooting skillz. the last few seasons i have moved up to play wing and some center. i'm not great as a forward but playing different positions have helped me to understand the game better.

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