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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
Yeah, just go to public skate and work on nothing but crossovers and stops on your weak side, over and over and over again. Sounds like you need to work on 2-foot stops on your strong side as well, I also just did 1 foot stops for too long, to learn 2-stops I forced myself to initiate stops with my back leg, keeping my front leg lifted as long as possible, this helps you get the feel of stopping with your back foot, then you can bring your front foot back into the stop and you'll be putting pressure on both feet. When stopping on both sides make sure you can do slow, long sliding stop as well as faster, more aggressive stops, practicing those slow stops where you really slide are a big help in terms of improving your edge control in general. At stick and puck it's too easy to get distracted and start shooting a tonne (which is obviously way more fun than skating drills), and you'll never improve on your weaknesses in-game, public skate really is the way to go for improving skating technique. If you focus hard I'll bet you'll be way better turning and stopping on your weak side within 10 public skates, and probably at a level where your weak side becomes useful in games within 20-30 skates.
Thanks i will try the public skates, also gonna do the plyos and the one legged drills.

I actually have no problem doing 2 foot stops on my good side, on my weak side i can almost do it but my weak foot drags a bit, i can do crossovers on the weakside as well bbut not nearly as fast as my good side. The area i really want this to help me in is sharp turns i can turn sharp on my good side and explode fast, however on my bad side not so much.

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