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Originally Posted by Redux91 View Post
"He's doing really well," Price said. "I knew he was going to. That's why I put a lot of preparation into this year. I'm always going to be compared to him; it's just the way it is because of what he did last year. There's no way around it. I'm happy for him that he's doing well."

Personaly, im getting more sick of people always saying "lets stop bringing up halak all the time" because EVEN PRICE acknowledges, not only will they be compared THIs year, but probably FOREVER because of the trade alone. "Its just the way it is" as price said, Halak will always be brought up in these kinds of conversations, and yes it will annoy SOMe people, but theres nothing anyone can do about it, people will bring halak up, and halak will be compared. Im happy price said that.

i hate sometimes that they are compared ona NIGHTLY basis, but to compare year by year for the next couple of seasons, i would not have a problem with
I mostly agree. I don't give a rat's ass if people compare them, what I dislike is the way some supporters of each need the other to fail to justify their faith in their choice.

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