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11-19-2010, 09:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Bobby 77 View Post
make sure you watch the play...when you play teams over and over again as most beer leagues do, guy will start to know you as "that guy" if you use some or all of the suggestions above the other team will consider you a threat.
...and your point is what? That if he is getting better and all of the other guys he is playing against will now have to worry about their beer league trophy being lost?

Most beer leagues that I have seen, are leagues where guys playing a game, go to the local bar, slam down a couple of beers and talk and brag about how they were in the right spot, at the right time, to catch that POS of a pass you just give then and then they just put it high in the top corner.

At that point, chips and bar nuts are flying out of their mouths trying to explain how they should have pushed the guy out of the way but they couldn't move him. I don't see any beer leaguers at a point, are ready to go in the first round of the NHL draft. If that is the case, maybe someone is playing down a little and should be playing up in their upper skill level or taking that game a little to serious.

Either way, it's still a beer league, an area to have fun and not worry about if Dave or Ted is getting better and now how do we punish him for getting better.

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