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11-19-2010, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Squirrel Forever View Post
The long answer is that the CIS, nor most of us, can come up with a better way to give out the wildcard seat. Right now, giving the OUA three of the six places seems absurb because it is so weak; but how else could it be handled?

I will still go back to the sixth spot being voted by the coaches, I like the wildcard being truly in the hands of the other teams who can judge who belongs.
Do you really think the coaches would vote for the team that truly belongs or, instead, maybe vote for ANY team OTHER than the one which that coach/team would least desire to play and therefore effectively vote for one of the top-ranked teams that they would simply be OK with playing?
It may be simpler just to go with the next top-ranked team in the CIS Top 10 not already going, no?? (If you want to trust the CIS Top 10 people and that's a whole other topic.) Of course, this would practically ensure UNB and Alberta an automatic berth to the University Cup and eliminate any true playoff upsets. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Are second chances in the true spirit of sport?
Another option would be to always have the 2-2-2 scenario with the host team being one of the two from its respective conference. Yet another would to go to a four-team Memorial Cup-style tournament with the AUS, CW and OUA East/West champions along with the host team.

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