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DVD sets

I think people would buy the 1976 DVD set but the producer doesn't think that the quality of the games that TSN aired is up to acceptable broadcast standards for a DVD set.
Regarding the availability of the 1976 games on the net, up until TSN aired the games a couple of years ago, only 2 games from the series had been circulating.

If you saw the entire games of the 1972 series rebroadcast in 1992, then you have a scoop and the producers would have killed for that info. But, it wasn't until at least 1997 that the pursuit for the games actually began. Some vhs versions of some of the games have been circulating but not all of them complete. As for French language versions, only half of game one and half of game four were ever found.

Originally Posted by chooch
Yes I would buy the 76 set; TSN showed most games and they were fine in quality - some had a few seconds missing or some minor blips - whats the problem? Also most games are available on the Net and have been for years.

I dont understand what you are saying re 72 dvd set either; These games were rebroadcast in their entirety first in 1992; the VHS versions have been available all in english or french since then?

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