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10-06-2003, 05:07 PM
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Originally Posted by coyote
The trouble is no one seems to know what he is worth. Comrie should have taken the qualifying offer and showed the Oilers what he was worth. If you are going to be a quality player you have to be accountable and take criticism. That is a sign of maturity and a team first me second type of player.
i agree... i think comrie being a big baby all summer and last spring has hurt the oilers in more than one way..... its hurt them that hes not on the team right now and, because of his childish behavior, it has probably lessened his value to other GMs around the league

if i was a GM i would look at comrie and see a player with great skill and potential, but i would now also see a player who isnt willing to take criticism or listen to advice... this would drastically lessen what i would be willing to give up for him, as a GM why would i give up a solid dependable player for a player who might score as much, but as soon as i criticize him at all, he sulks and demands to be traded

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