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11-19-2010, 01:56 PM
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Just to put in my 2 cents:

I was born extremely pigeon-toed with twisted shin bones, and all kinds of weird **** going on with my left leg from the mid-shin down. I had to wear these crazy boots attached to a bar as a baby to correct it. It sucked.

As a result, my left ankle is a lot weaker than my right side, and also my left leg is a bit shorter. I have similar problems with my left leg while skating, although I skate fine, my left side is weaker in general than my right. I've played hockey for 20 years, did tons of powerskating, etc. as a kid, and it's still an issue to this day. It's not always just a matter of "just go to the rink and do it."

To the OP: You said that you played for 7 years as a kid, so I'm assuming that this is a leg strength thing rather than a "learning to skate" thing. Your best bet is to work on strengthening your leg and ankle on that side. As I got my left leg stronger, it definitely helped on the ice a lot. It's still just structurally not as good as the right side, but after my first few years, it was never a real issue with my game. I got better at that side, and I learned to compensate for it, and my skating was never something that people commented on as a weakness.

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