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11-19-2010, 03:22 PM
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Originally Posted by wholesickcrew View Post
The interview's not remarkable enough for its own thread, but I found it amusing so I'll post it here (there's some talk about the game).

Botchford: You want to score more. How do you make that happen?
Samuelsson: ...I work on my shot every day.
Botchford: That's what you've been doing? Working on your shot?
Samuelsson: Actually, no, not really.
Man Samuelsson is the best in NHL at giving interviews. His first with the Canucks was epic too. Everyone in that clip was SO excited about the new locker room, with all the other rooms and fluff, it was SO exclusive. Samuelsson: " Naaahhh, its the NHL, they are supposed to look this way".

Ollie Jokinens face with the talk of Samuelsson would be 5/5

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