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10-06-2003, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by igor
IMO Article 13.20 essentially saves Valiquette and the Oilers two days of their lives if the Oilers are the only team that files a claim for him when FLA puts him on waivers. And that seems sensible.

Your last point is well said, its the whole thing in a nutshell. Except the 'first dibs' thing should read 'preferential dibs'. 15 teams will have dibs first, but because the Oilers will be paying at half-rate ... no other team can win a 'war of attrition' with the Oilers if they both want Valley for the AHL.

So in a nutshell ... if some team wants Valley for the NHL this year, they'll get him. Otherwise he'll ply his trade as a RoadRunner in hogtown (assuming the Oilers want him back, and I can't see why they wouldn't).
That is more or less what I implied when I said first dibs... in order for the Oilers to truely lose Valiquette this year (unless they don't want him, which I doubt), he must play in the NHL.

The only way he plays in the minors is if he plays in Toronto (as an Oiler), or is loned out by the Oilers to another farm club. He is signed by the Oilers so he remains Oiler property unless he plays in the NHL for another team.

If the 15 other teams want him, yes they can have him, but it must be for in the NHL. And realistically, they would be relying on a goalie who was essentially a backup in the AHL last year. I know it wasn't because Valiquette is no good, but I would be a little wary to give the backup goaltender job to someone in that circumstance.

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