Thread: Recalled/Assigned: Falk Re-assigned to Houston
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11-19-2010, 05:01 PM
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Originally Posted by GetCluttered View Post
I see this hasn't been mentioned yet,but one of the big reasons Stoner was kept over Falk is his toughness. Yes Stoner is a marginal defender and brings no offense but he has the ability to drop the gloves and add grit. Falk is a big kid and yeah he can hit but for being 6'5 he doesn't hit nearly enough or really use his body all that well and im sure those will be focus points of his Houston trip. Im sure we will all appreciate Stoner a lot more on Saturday when he pummels Sean Avery for running Koivu and Havlat and probably Backstrom all game.
I have missed the past two games but have seen every other game thus far, and I must disagree on Falk's physical play. Falk has played as physical as Stoner, without taking himself out of position. Falk has done a better job of separating his man from the puck along the boards. As far as dropping the gloves is concerned, Stoner may have more of a reputation but I don't think Stoner can be said to be tougher. There is nothing that I have seen thus far, from the beginning of camp until now, that indicates Stoner is the superior physical player.

In other words, I don't think toughness had anything to do with the decision of Falk vs. Stoner...just contract/waiver situation.

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