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10-06-2003, 06:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Wyvern
Daley's defense is pretty horrible, personally I'd like to stick him in Utah and have someone help him out with his defensive game for awhile.

Then maybe look at converting him to forward. He would have no chance of making the team as a forward this season though.
Originally Posted by Wyvern
I only saw one game for myself, and he was pretty bad. Almost, but not quite, as bad as Erskine has been.

I think he has been great offensively, but is definately wanting in his own end.
Well, I would love to know what you base that on. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and just got done re-watching that very same game. Daley was stellar in his own end. The only real poor play he made was not moving Strudwick's screen on Babchuk's goal in the 1st period. Daley didn't see much time on the PK and that's probably why. Even strength there was nothing not to like. He didn't throw bad passes leaving the zone, he was very calm with the puck rather than force things, and he had his man all game. Specifically, he rubbed out the puckcarrier in the neutral zone in the 1st period on a 4v4 situation. Didn't give up the blueline, which was the right thing to do. Second period, he wins the physical battle with Nieminen in his own zone. Puck goes to the point and Daley has Nieminen's stick tied up the whole time, just like he should. Again in the 2nd period, Sweeney is out-of-position and Daley takes Daze off the puck to cover for his partner. In the 3rd, Zhamnov tries to beat Daley one-on-one. Daley takes the body, ties up Zhamnov's stick, and Sweeney swings in easily and skates away with the puck by the boards. Outside of those specific instances, Daley won almost every battle along the boards he was involved in. He cleared the puck when it needed to be cleared and he made solid tape-to-tape passes when a man was open for it. He took hits to make plays as well. I saw zero wrong with Daley in that game, especially upon closer review.

What I did see was Matvichuk screwing up his spacing on Nieminen's goal that was basically a breakaway from the blueline in. I saw Robidas hit Zhamnov, move back towards his net into no man's land, and when the puck comes to Zhamnov (Robidas' man), Robidas had too much ground to makeup to stop the goal.

I'm not trying to be an ass, but I didn't see a single thing to indicate that Daley is poor defensively. I've seen poor defensively (Skoula springs to mind) and Daley was not it at all. The kid was calm under pressure, used his skating to beat guys forechecking on him and also to recover the puck, and his decisions were perfect. He dumped it off the boards when it needed to be and made passes when they were there. There was nothing not to like about his game vs. Chicago.

Also, Frugal Gourmet, Daley was only +1. One of his assists came on a PP at the end of the game.

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