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11-20-2010, 05:05 AM
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Our new three swiss guys that are trying to make it to the NHL and are presently in AHL are starting to deliver points ... encouraging. Since we cannot watch the games ... (*****.net stoped its last year's courtesy !) i will base what I say on what I read ... on the bloggs and boards.

Roman Wick : after having played some 10 games without any point he started scoring 8 points in the last 8 games. Yesterday 1 assist and a goal (empty netter). It seems that he is playing better and enjoying the trust of the coach. Yet we cannot know more because it seems that the fans are more "illuminated" by Butler ... and therefore describe all Butler's movement ... and forget the rest of the team including Roman !! Whatever ... he plays better ... he scores ... he turned the game ... do not expect him to be called up for the time being because of his game ... (1st should be Butler (again !)) but he is on his way. No Ambuhl scenario !

Severin Blindenbacher : after having been hurt in a car accident where he missed many games ... he is doing ok i guess and as a defenser he scored nicely ... with 3 points in 6 games. While upfront he was the one who seemed to have adapted the best .... and was sent to AHL in the last cut made by Dallas, this accident stopped his evolution. He will need a bit more time but so far ... not bad. The odds of him being called up into NHL are difficult to discuss by lack of material as to how he is playing.

Roman Josi : seems to have adjusted quite well to the game in Milwaukee after his wrist problem. He has 5 points in 9 games and seems to be highly respected by his coach :"Coach Lambert said last week that pretty soon, fans are going to be seeing that Josi may be the most talented defenseman that we’ve had in Milwaukee. And that says A LOT, considering how many defenseman playing in Nashville have spent some time here." therefore Josi is doing well. I must say that he gave a small interview on TV when he broke his wrist before the beginning of the year and he appeared smily and confident ... which i translated into : "ich habe es in griff" ... or in other words he assessed his level and deemed the thing dooable. Adding behind that he had the same situation in Bern. Therefore i believe he was projecting the same outcome. Since he is smart, we can believe that he was realistic ... so far things are taking place like he projected. Since he is young, and the Nasville organisation seems to take care of their young guns ... i believe that he is not likely to be called up to play in NHL in the short term. Yet February March ... why not if he keeps improving and adapting at the speed he is doing it now. Wheter he will be playing in NHL this year or not, i believe that the Josi superstar is developping well and will soon become what he has the potential to become. Namely a real star.

It is interesting to note that all 3 have a ratio of 1/2 point per game. Yet the difference is that 2 are defenders (josi and Blindenbacher) and 1 is a forward (Wick). In fact since Wick didn't score the first 10 games ... since then, he is cruising at a 1point-a-game speed ... which is decent for a forward !. I think that these points are decent for all of them ... .

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