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11-20-2010, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by swissexpert View Post
Your post could also be mine...once again
The only problem is that we have only statistics and a few comments..
Although Wick did better lately, his 3 goals (I think even 2 of them were empty netters) in about 20 games is far away from NHL, not even Simek-like. But of course he needed some time to adjust his game to NA-style and I'm sure he will improve his goal production. I don't see an NHL call-up this season but hopefully, he won't give up!
Josi is one of my favourites, our best offensive defender since Mark Streit!
A very interesting time now for Sbisa and Weber! Sbisa did very well since his call-up, impressed physically in his first games, and is now trying to create some offensive plays!
It would be very important for him to stay after Suttons return!
Weber won't have may opportunities to show his game, but I hope he can make some good defensive moves and maybe some PP-slapshots
i can tell you the same
last year had some AHL games ... thanks to what i could enjoy watching Ambuhl and Steiner. This year ... .
Thier is this site :
that at least lets us watch some highlights for free.

On Wick i almost agree with you again ! but it is not only on facts (figures more precisely) that i base my view but on the fact that he seems to be in the roll. More close to the goals, present in PP, present for the empty net, all these are moments when the best elements are on the ice ... well their he is ... enjoying trust from the coach. I know, it is indirect and little ... but in the absence of material to have a personal judgement why not follow the smart money ?
(following the smart money is a financial technique where you know nothing, therefore you invest like the smart guys do ... ! the same thing can be said when you need an idea on something you have not the slightliest knowledge)

By the way, not wanting to infer incredible things out of nothing ... therefore i didn't mention it on the post but in the game with the Texas Stars ... we hear 4 times Blindenbacher ... ! or the commentator likes the name or he was very present during the interesting periods ... whatever ... interesting to note but too little to openly draw ideas, suputations or conclusions !

For Sbisa it is exactly like you say ... very interesting. I believe that he will make it.
(at least fans on the board seem to be enchanted !)

As per Weber ... he definitely improved ... yet he will be on a short leash. But after all he is only 22, and has a lot of cerebral to compensate ... therefore he may perfectly be a late blossomer.

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