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11-20-2010, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by dralaf View Post
is that the face of a guy who just made a coaching decision with the good of the team at hearth or is that the face of a guy who just used his position of power as a coach for his personal agenda?
I think you right. Roy had been taking up too much room and Roy and Tremblay did not like each other. Tremblay needed to gain full control of the dressing room and took advantage of this blow out to teach Roy a lesson, well this backfired big time. The sign of a great coach is that he gets the very best out of his players. Well Tremblay got the very worst out of Roy out of this thing. All the other GM's and coaches in the NHL learned how NOT to handle special players in this NHL. Who was at fault??? well their was plenty to go around, but the GAF was done by Tremblay. He did not ever think that Roy would react like that and then the HABS were backed right into a corner with no way out. Habs had to trade Roy for 1/2 his worth just to save face. The coaches job is to find ways to get the best out and also be the best diplomat in doing that. He has to get the player to WANT to be GREAT not try to FORCE the player to be great. SO it all comes down to Tremblay's lack of coaching ability that lead to this disaster.

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