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11-20-2010, 11:19 AM
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I think people should have more patience with him. Someone else brought this up in another thread but look at John Leclair's statistics. I bet the Habs wished they had held on to him for a few more years. I'm not saying JVR will be like Leclair, or as good as him, the point is that it may take some time before he breaks out, if he does.
Also note LeClair didn't even play his somewhat full season until he was 22 and put up 19 pts., JVR started last year at 20, and put up 35 points (granted 19 of them were in Oct. and Nov.). Yes, LeClair progressed in his second season unlike JVR is currently, but it's not like he put up stunning numbers, and his second and third seasons were almost identical statistically. - The point is players take time, and trading a young player who may have the potential to be very good if given the opportunity does not make sense for the Flyers at this time.

There is no harm in keeping him for another year or two at least. What do we need that we would be getting for him? We have a number of people who can score, we have defense, Bob is doing well in goal, and Boosh, and Leighton are good backups and can start if needed.

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