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Originally Posted by Giroux tha Damaja View Post
Sports media will make a mountain out of a molehill in every city. That certainly isn't something exclusive to Montreal, you're definitely right about that.
And guess what, Fans fall victim to that in every city too. People are people, hate to break it to ya. Reactions will be the same. Language may be different, but as someone who understands both, it all translate into the same shtick.

Some of the french fans and media are harsher on french speaking players, and they ***** about not enough local guys on the team. And even that's not THAT much of a foreign reality if you think about it.

So really, it's all the same, by and large the same, fans and media...

so appointing guilt on another fan base and pleaing innocence on ones own is also a very commonly committed bias.


No, not tea and biscuits. Beer and cheese steaks. My point was that we certainly wouldn't be on Montreal's board campaigning about our guy's innocence, when we all know he's somewhat douchey. Why do you even give a ****, honestly?
Why do I give a ****? Why do YOU give a ****? I don't get your question.

PK is probably the best young player we've gotten in god knows how long - you can say that this song has been sung before in Montreal but it really hasn't, not in a long time.... With maybe the exception being Carey Price -- who btw is off to a great career so far. Non-goalie position, he's been the best we've had. We also feel that there is nothing wrong with his game and that he shouldn't change it..

We feel exactly like how his teammates feel -- " DO NOT CHANGE A THING ".

Again, this is a message not only by his teammates but by fans too.

What Mike Richards is doing, is calling out a player, that the fans and teammates and a very large portion of all hockey analysts feel he has no reason to.


It's good to know that you speak for PK Subban and can definitively say how this will affect his attitude. I guess that's that.
Basing it on his comments, and general personality,character and upbringing (which has been highly publicized on youtube), than what other conclusion am I supposed to have?

Oh, the "cup rings" jab, nice. Congrats, your role players were able to ride someone's coat tails for a season before they got to Montreal. Cool.
If you want to go down that debate, why don't you be more specific and give me some examples of players on our team that have rings with their supposed marginal contributions.


PK has been in the league for about as long as it takes me to fart, so of course he has less history than Richards. Also, what specifically in Richie's history are you alluding to?
PK has played 3 playoff rounds, and has played 20 games already. I don't know what you're eating but if you can fart that long youtube it or did not happen.

As for "Richies" history, are you suggesting it's conflict and controversy free, or something? He's a character player who gets involved.

Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
There are a lot of hyper-sensitive and insecure people in every city rooting for every team regardless of sport. There are even some on the Flyers' board, though I rarely see them.

The truth is, that most Flyers fans will probably discuss it in here and argue amongst ourselves over what the truth is and what should've happened.

Montreal fans however started multiple troll threads since the incident. That is a fact.
Right, because Flyer fans don't ***** about Crosby " Cry Baby " and his whines EVER... they simply discuss it amongst themselves, and keep any emotionally strung comments away from the discussion, isn't that right?

You, know, we all have our own bias and perhaps you are correct in the sense , but you are completely off base in your reasoning. Part of the reason, is because you are analyzing the situation blinded your own bias (example; re:crosby) which is assuming that your own fan base is guilt free.

The truth is, various hockey personalities and analysts have agreed and disagreed on both sides of the issues; yet you are painting the picture that the indisputable responsibility of blame is on the Habs side and that the reasoning of it is the uncontrollable hyper-sensitivity of Montreal fans... Your arguement is completley invalid and bias, frankly, and I can find you many examples of how you are wrong if I investigate (but I think the Crosby one is basic enough).

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