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11-20-2010, 01:56 PM
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People are people, hate to break it to ya. Reactions will be the same. Language may be different, but as someone who understands both, it all translate into the same shtick.

So really, it's all the same, by and large the same, fans and media...
We get it, you're bilingual.

People are people when it comes down to it, I'll agree to that. But there are cultural nuances. Example: While both groups are hockey fans, Habs fans are pansies, while Flyer fans are not (allowing for exceptions obviously).

Why do I give a ****? Why do YOU give a ****? I don't get your question.
Why do you give that much of a **** what we think? I'm not discussing this with you on the Habs board. You came over here and are writing novels, ya know? That's funny to me.

What Mike Richards is doing, is calling out a player, that the fans and teammates and a very large portion of all hockey analysts feel he has no reason to.
I haven't heard Richards doing much of this in his career to date, so I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt.

PK has played 3 playoff rounds, and has played 20 games already.

As for "Richies" history, are you suggesting it's conflict and controversy free, or something? He's a character player who gets involved.
The bolded is exactly why it is stupid to compare PK's track record and reputation to Richards. One has been around six years, one six months. Silly to say PK doesn't have any blemishes on his record when he barely has a record, and Mike Richards is a generally well respected player.

Right, because Flyer fans don't ***** about Crosby " Cry Baby " and his whines EVER... they simply discuss it amongst themselves, and keep any emotionally strung comments away from the discussion, isn't that right?
Yeah, we ***** amongst ourselves about Crosby typically. We certainly aren't going over to the Pens board on e-crusades every time a Flyer is slighted. When Hartnell bit the **** out of Letang last year and they were all calling him a grimey *******...we were pretty much like....."Yup, he is. Keep your fingers out of his mouth.".

Hartnell is a grimey *******..........and PK Subban is a cocky little *****. Just own it. Who cares?

Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
The truth is, various hockey personalities and analysts have agreed and disagreed on both sides of the issues; yet you are painting the picture that the indisputable responsibility of blame is on the Habs side and that the reasoning of it is the uncontrollable hyper-sensitivity of Montreal fans... Your arguement is completley invalid and bias, frankly, and I can find you many examples of how you are wrong if I investigate (but I think the Crosby one is basic enough).
My argument is that when tons of Habs fans cried about Richards being dirty last year for making some clean hits (in spite of Georges and four or so other plays on MTL playing pretty dirty), there was no rush of FLyers fans to the Habs boards pleading Mike's case. Chill out, what we or Mike Richards think shouldn't be that important (and it wouldn't bother you that much if what he said didn't hit close to the mark).

But the catty manner in which a lot of you do it is comedic. I'm not saying that carrying on about something like a bunch of *****es is exclusive to Montreal, or that it never happens in Philly. There is a trend I'm noticing though.

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