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11-20-2010, 03:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Sydor25 View Post
That's an impossible question because not everything can be shown with stats and you live and die by stats. It's just my opinion from watching both players since they joined the NHL.
... I don't live and die with them, I use the numbers to go along with my own observations. I've been watching this game for a lot of years. It's not a "one or the other" type of thing here.

It just stands to reason that if I'm gonna make a point in black and white, showing the numbers is a very efficient way to do it.

Originally Posted by Sydor25 View Post
Now that Handzus has slowed down this season, Simmonds play has fallen off. Simmonds is now getting PP time and hasn't shown me anything that shows he deserves it.
... I don't agree with this, but then I don't agree that Handzus has slowed down all that much either. Simmonds' PLAY hasn't fallen off as much as his opportunities and his ice time have. And as far as deserving power play time - if you look at those who DIDN'T get time on the PP last season, who earned it more than Simmonds did? Since Frolov was let go, a spot has opened up, and that spot was given to seemingly every undeserving player in the organization before it was recently given to Simmonds. And that, to me, goes against everything this head coach preaches about accountability, paying dues, etc.

Originally Posted by Sydor25 View Post
Brown hits, draws penalties, backs the defense off the blue line with his skating and is the captain of a young team.
... You're giving Brown credit for something later on in his career. Brown wasn't the captain at 22. The situation just so happened to work out perfectly for Brown to be selected captain when he was. The team was bad, the most senior King (Frolov) wasn't gonna get the C, Kopitar was only 21, Brown had just signed the long-term deal, etc. All the stars aligned for it. Not saying Brown has been a bad captain; he has been a good one, and I love the guy. And there's no question he's a better player than Simmonds is right now, but he's had four more years of NHL experience - as well as more ice time in prime situations. He had the opportunity to succeed, and he has, in his own way. If Simmonds gets that same opportunity, I think he'll succeed too.

Originally Posted by Sydor25 View Post
I don't see Simmonds improving much from what we see today.
... You honestly believe a player that is 22 years old isn't going to improve much with experience? That's amazing. If Simmonds stays healthy, and again we don't really know if he's even healthy now, which would probably explain his lack of ice time if he wasn't - if he stays healthy he is almost certain to improve. It's not a 100% lock, but the odds are very good that he will.

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