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10-06-2003, 06:02 PM
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Originally Posted by HABitude
Good interview with Bob Gainey in french, Bob hasn't lost all his french and his class. They talked about several things; the future, Brisebois, Theodore, the development of the young players, but mostly the change of attitude.

Bob had a few meeting with Brisebois and he was getting aware of the bad circle of booing a player, the player starts to play bad, then the booing again. Bob met Patrice and they both had an agreement: Patrice will show at the camp in shape and Bob will help him with the other things where he can help (last saturday). Bob is convice that Patrice has a few good years in tank and want to break the bad circle.

You know what? I like Bob Gainey a lot. He can bring a respectable NHL goon in the team, get rid of some of the dead wood here but what he brings the most is a new attitude. He said that he wants to see a team play together. Win a tight defensive game or win an all-offensive game, as long as this team is playing like all for the team. I said many times last winter on this forum that Habs team wasn't a team. Now it will start to look like a team.

A goon like Worrell comes in Montreal and put his glove on Saku's face? Don't worry, Langdon will take care of it. For players that were coming here doing a party on ice, it's over. Gainey is here and will do what ever he can to help. The players knows that and they will do a bit more now with the help of a big brother.
I'm a big Savard fan and I am a big Gainey fan, so it's great to see what both of them have done. Gainey I really like how's he handled certain situations, as you can tell he's not a rookie GM for sure.

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