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10-06-2003, 07:08 PM
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Originally Posted by HABitude
You know what? I like Bob Gainey a lot. He can bring a respectable NHL goon in the team, get rid of some of the dead wood here but what he brings the most is a new attitude. He said that he wants to see a team play together. Win a tight defensive game or win an all-offensive game, as long as this team is playing like all for the team.
I think you're right, the biggest thing that Gainey brings to the team is a new attitude. Gainey is here to build a winning team, and the first thing he is changing is the perception of the team. A losing team in Montreal will not be accepted, and he has started his transformation. His first big step was to back up Brisebois, who is not the worst d-man in the league, but he was by far the worst treated d-man out there. Next step, a real heavyweight in Langdon, and a firecracker attitude in Begin. These guys will do what is asked of them.

Gainey's next decisions will no doubt be to evaluate the talent in the system, and see what pieces he does, and does not like. I would expect that after Christmas sometime there will be a move or two made. It might not be what we would expect, but I am sure Gainey will only make moves that will benifit the club for both now and the future. He has a lot of work to do, as evaluation of his club in game situations is no small task. I will avoid naming players that I think should stay or go, because I don't think this is a thread for those discussions, but rather a thread to appluade Gainey for his early efforts, and to our future success! GO BOB GO!

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