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11-21-2010, 09:36 AM
Pierre Gotye
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There's nothing I hate more than chatty guys on the bench who can't shut up about what the guys around them need to do after every shift.

I don't mind communication, but I also don't want to be coached by my teammates every shift about what they think I am supposed to do, when you can't make them do what you think they are supposed to do.

I almost played in a lower league this season, and although I like my center on that team, it just gets old after every shift when he keeps telling me where I need to go, when I am the one doing the blue collar work like back-checking and fore-checking, when he's the one who's fat and lazy. Sure he can score, but I do all the hard work for him.

At any rate, I like my current team better. The guys I play with are clearly better than everyone else, we have better chemistry, win more, and we're not busy scoulding each other on the bench.

In beer league, you will encounter personalities who try to run things, guys who simply don't give a **** and guys who just come to play.

On that same team there is another loaf who floats, never skates, never plays defense, takes extended shifts, but scores(mostly because his center does all the work for him).

It can get aggravating. I don't care if you take a long shift, but at least show some effort.

With guys like that, I just tune them out. At some point if it bothers you so much, you will just have to call him out and tell him to **** and just play, worry about what he can do rather than focus on what everyone else is doing. Chew him out, and tell him the entire team is sick of hearing that crap from him.

Then once the game is over, apologize, and just say hey I know you're passionate about winning and so is everyone else, we're all trying hard, we just need to support everyone better. Don't worry about thin-slicing the rest of the team, try to help us out more by worrying about what you can do. It will help take pressure off of everyone else, and if we're all having fun, the chemistry will develop better, we'll win more.

Remind him that, guys will realize when they make mistakes, but they don't need constant reminders. Tell him that he needs to be more diplomatic in his approach or just not worry about other so much.

I think that's the best you can do here.

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